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      (506) 857-2125

      The New Brunswick Federation of Labour

      Together for a Better New Brunswick

      The labour movement is at a crossroads. We are facing unprecedented attacks on our rights to free collective bargaining, to fair wages and working condition. I look forward to working with trade unionists to push back against these attacks and to build a stronger and united labour movement.

      Together we will make a difference!

      Daniel Légère

      President, New Brunswick Federation of Labour

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      Letter to Minister of Health about COVID-19

      March 12, 2020 Dear Minister Flemming: Protecting the safety of our workers is a leading priority of unions. Healthre providers and other healthre staff nnot provide competent and quality re if their own safety is not ensured. The worldwide outbreak of...

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      Letter to Minister of Labour about COVID-19

      March 6, 2020 Dear Minister Holder, We are all watching the continued spread globally and in nada of the corona virus, COVID-19. I am aware that our government is working on contingency plans to deal with a potential outbreak in New Brunswick. I am writing today to...

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      # of Affiliated Unions

      # of Lols

      # of District Councils

      # of Current Members

      “Ensuring that our youth of today have an understanding of the importance of unions, is just one of the topics we cover at the NBFL Blair Doucet Youth Summer mp every year. Helping build a strong, well informed future generation.”

      Paula Doucet

      President, New Brunswick Nurses Union

      The New Brunswick Federation of Labour has the unique ability to unite all labour organizations under one common tent, unite common interests of each group and then use this information to be the voice for all workers in New Brunswick

      Brien Watson

      President, nadian Union of Public Employees NB